Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 17 Colon, Panama

Today, we docked in Colon, Panama and have an excursion - 5 hour to see monkeys. The excursion was great.

We first drove about an hour+ with an excellent guide narrating and giving pertinent information during the entire drive. Dora told us about the canal, the culture, the political structure, housing, their foods, the various wildlife in Panama, weather and many everyday aspects of life in Panama.

Upon arriving at the dock, our 13-person group boarded a small power boat for our ride to Monkey Island. Along the way, we made a couple short stops where we saw howler monkeys - closer than we have ever seen them - and turtles who were almost a foot in diameter.

We continued to the island where we saw numerous white-faced capuchine monkeys - including a very small baby. We also saw a three-toed tree sloth - the first we have ever seen. Birds that we saw included black vultures, a harpy eagle (Panama's national bird), herons and a toucan.

Dora provided us with a boxed-lunch of water, a banana muffin and a iguana sandwich (hmmm, tasted just like chicken!). For a bit, some on the bus actually thought she was giving us iguana.

It is 91 here in Panama - so it a bit warm. Mostly sunny. We got a pretty heavy rain shower while we were on the excursion.

Well...I have some robitussin dm. Our trivia partners bought some in Panama since they knew we were tied up with the excursion. Hopefully, it will help tonight. Apparently, I passed out in my sleep last night - is that really possible? Jill says that she felt me shake - so she woke me up. Once again, she said I had been coughing.

I have just about lost my voice from the coughing. I suppose there are some people who think that is a good thing.

Tomorrow we are in Limon, Costa Rica. I'm not sure if we will be getting off the ship. I guess we'll see how we feel in the morning.

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