Monday, March 30, 2009

the hair is gone

Well...yesterday I was on my Mac and realized that there was hair falling out. So...that was it. Went to the bathroom and cut the rest off. Wasn't that much since I have been keeping it short anyway. way I wanted to deal with what was left falling out everywhere. So...I've got the "Mr Clean" look in all its glory!!

Other side effects are pretty much the same. Feet/ankles are swollen as much as ever. I found some old low hiking boots. They are about the only thing that will even go on my feet right now. At least they are moderately comfortable.

Thrush is now throughout my mouth. Not much really relieves it except cold. After breakfast this morning, I scraped up some of my lemon ices from the freezer - big help. And my homemade lemon ices seem to be pretty darn good.

I was concerned about what to do at work today. This afternoon Melissa got me a big Starbucks blended drink that was kinda like a big blended ice drink. Worked pretty well. I actually don't like Starbucks coffee. But, they have several flavors - so, I may just need to work my way through their different flavors. Had a cinnamon blend today and it wasn't bad. Most importantly, they are quite cold and that helps with the mouth.

Otherwise, I am able to get through quite well. I had an interview this AM with a friend who is writing industry mag articles. Then, interviewed a couple candidates for an opening in SF. Happily, I have been able to hang in and be productive.

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steve simon said...

Jim, thanks for sharing all of this. we will be thinking of you! Best, Steve