Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday w/ no treatment treatment today. We decided to run errands. Started at Sam's. Got some batteries, lots of fruit for me, magazines for Jill. Then we headed to Home Goods. Of course, Jill found a few Easter items. Then, Marshalls where I found some socks and Jill got some sheets. Off to Cracker Barrel for lunch/brunch. I had eggs, biscuits/gravy and decided to try grits. Loved 'em with butter and sugar. Then, headed to pick up some groceries. After all that, we were plenty tired and kinda sat back to do not much else. It felt good to get lots of little things done today. Have been a bit lazy since I got the latest news.

Well, that ended when Connie called. Today is Jake's bday and we decided to go out to Monical's for his dinner. Just got home. Great very thin crust pizza. Good deal on a big one - so I have leftovers for tomorrow - or tonight.

Pretty much about the same side effects stuff today. The soreness at the top of my jaw is a little less today - more a stiffness than sore. Hearing seems to be dulling a little - as the doc indicated it might. Had a bit of pressure in my head when I cough. I suppose that is from the expected swelling that the steroids are to help control.

Getting some pain in my chest - similar to the same pains Jill had when she was on some steroids. When she had the pains, it was diagnosed as severe indigestion. Doc said that these steroids were pretty strong - so, I'll try to do what I can to endure. Trying antacids tonight to see if they help.

I noticed today that my feet seem to actually be hurting a little less. Not sure if it's lack of activity or benefit from the Gabapentin. I guess we'll see after I was on my feet so much today. Sure would be nice to have some of the foot pain reduce.

Have been sleeping pretty well. Woke up quite often last night. Quite thirsty. Sure glad we got the small refrig for water upstairs. My mouth seems to be getting very dry real often.

Worked on the Rome cruise a little today. I think I've got a hotel selected. We'll be staying in Rome four days before we board the ship for the cruise.

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