Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football today and need clothes

Today is a real football day. First, the Colts play the NY Jets. Then, the Saints play the Vikings. Will be a fun day hunkered down in my chair watching football most of the day. Obviously, we will be hoping that the Colts win.

I have been doing pretty well. On Friday, I had a strange re-occurrence of the problems in my eyes - mainly just the right eye. During the afternoon, at work, the right eye started to get really itchy and watery. By the time I started to drive home, the right eye was blazing red and the lid was swelling. I managed to make it home and immediately put some of the Tobradex on the lower lid. Gradually got better during the evening and the red was gone by Saturday AM. Today, both eyes are pretty much back to what is normal for me - not perfect but acceptable.

Otherwise, most everything else is about normal for the circumstances. Pain in my right side is still there from the pleurodesis surgery last April. Have talked to the docs and this is, apparently, normal. The fatigue continues; but, I manage to deal with it. Just need a nap occasionally and I don't overdo activities.

Appetite is about the same. Not a lot of food is particularly interesting and I can't really taste some things. Typically, I just eat because I know I must.  Normally, I need to eat pretty small meals and I supplement with yogurt or a nutrition drink (Ensure plus). I am continuing to lose weight - but much slower. I lost just 1 to 2 lbs this past week or so.

I bought some pants/jeans that were down one size. Too bad I bought as many as I did because I have only gotten a few months at that size. Now, I got a pair of jeans down another size - but even they are loose. I may need to go down again. That will be down 6" in the waist. And, I will try to get through this winter; but, I will definitely need all new sweaters and shirts. Jill says that I am "swimming" in my sweaters. Lots of cashmere to replace. AMVETs will like picking up all the donated clothes during the next few months.

I also just realized last night that I need to buy some things for the cruise. I had totally forgotten about that and it is coming up fast. At a minimum, I will need to buy some shorts. I don't have any except for my original size. Jill and I will probably go through Land's End online to see what we can order. I don't really have the energy to do lots of store shopping; but, we might do a little. But, I have become so accustomed to buying online because few stores carried the big boy sizes that I needed before the 69 lb weight loss.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Off today for MLK day. Jill bowled - so...Jake and I went to Taco Bell for lunch. One of my favorites for fast food; but, Jill won't go there. Finished my burrito supreme. Had to save the bean burrito for a snack later. And, brought home cinnamon crisps for both Jill and me. Don't know what is in them; but, sure do like the cinnamon crisps.

This weekend was lots of football. Watched all or most of every playoff game. Colts play the Jets next weekend. We'll be in front of the TV for that game for sure.

I have been doing reasonably well. Haven't lost any weight in the past week. Eyes are watering. But, I can see reasonably well and my eyes aren't red. Another couple weeks before a spend quite a bit of doctor time during mid-Feb. ENT will check my ears and tubes. Radiation oncologist will get an MRI to check status of my brain lesions. Oncologist will get a CT to check whether my lung cancer is officially in remission. If the NIH agrees that I am in remission, will hold off on the NIH test drug until my lung cancer is active again. Hopefully, that will be quite a while.

All this just before we leave for a Caribbean cruise for a couple weeks. We are cruising on Regent Seven Seas for the first time. The Navigator is on the small side with just 500 passengers. Should be more comfortable for us.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have forgotten to mention my appetite and weight for while. I haven't had much of an appetite for a while. And, my stomach bothers me if I eat much at one meal. But, I eat anyway because I know I must. I need to get better at eating more smaller meals.

Since about a year ago, I have dropped from 265 lbs (on my scale at home) to 197.5 lbs this morning. Dropped below 200 lbs 2 weeks ago - first time in many years. So, I am down about 67 lbs.

I had bought new pants a size smaller over the past few months. But, it looks like I need to go down another size. Luckily, I can make the others work for a while. They aren't falling off like my original size. New pants need to be 6" smaller than my old pants. Sure didn't expect that. It is now getting to the point where I might need to consider the size of other clothing.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Doing pretty well.

Yesterday I saw Dr. Forkin. My annual physical was July and she wanted blood tests to be sure that my meds are at the right doses. So many different docs. She is my primary care physician and monitors the basics like blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney & liver function, normal blood test stuff and other basics that aren't cancer related. Happily, I was good on all things. I also discussed a couple other issues that I have. She said that the pain that I have in my right side is still remaining effects from the pleurodesis surgery done back in April - when they removed 1 1/2 gallons of fluid from the area of my right lung.

She also examined my eyes which have been bothering me for a week or so. Last Tuesday both eyes became very red, itchy, watery and crusty. This was much the same as a few months ago. On Wednesday, I started to use the ointment that was prescribed last time and my eyes have been better each day since. Most of the redness is gone and they aren't crusting up much. I am to use the ointment daily until 2 days after my eyes are what I consider normal. Dr F indicated that I do not have any infection in the eyes. As was the case before, it seems to be a result of eyelash loss from chemo. It is a relief to know that there isn't an infection. But, it sure is irritating again.

It has been cold - actually, frigid. We have a few inches of snow on the ground. Neighbor boy did the driveway once; but, we have had more snow since then. We just drove over it this morning when we went out to get groceries. I guess I may have to get help again since I can't really handle the snowblower.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years's 2010 - a New Year. Hopefully, this year will be a good one for us and for everyone else. We didn't do anything particularly exciting for New Year's Eve. Went to friend's house with soup. All the soups were very good. We used the leftover prime rib to make a beef/vegetable. But, we didn't make it very late. Jill didn't feel well and we returned home very early in the evening.

Took down the tree today. That is a bit of a chore for us. Brett and Arielle have decorated the tree the past few years. That is a big help for us since the tree and ornaments are stored downstairs in the basement. But, of course, everyone is gone when it is time to take down the tree and return things to the basement. We had been putting it off for a couple days; but, decided we had to get it done today since we have theater tickets tomorrow - The Color Purple. And, we host our euchre group next weekend. So...though everything is not re-organized in the basement, the tree is down.