Thursday, June 12, 2008

six weeks since avastin

Yesterday, I had my first check up since having my last avastin infusion. My Xray had not change - which is a very good thing. I was a little nervous about what might happen after the end of the avastin. Basically, Dr. Einhorn says that I am doing very well. No change of meds or routine. He said that someone in my situation would normally call for a follow up in six months. However, he feels that my situation is unique enough to warrant more frequent follow up. So, I will be returning in two months for Xrays and another checkup.

Basically, I am still in remission. The nosebleeding and headaches from the avastin have just about cleared up. My feet still hurt from the peripheral neuropathy. My left shoulder is still "frozen". My energy level is so-so; but, quite a bit better now that I am getting a full night sleep using the ambien. I won't be running any marathons very soon. But, I feel pretty good considering.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

annual physical

Saw Dr Forkin today for my annual physical. Guess what? If I didn't have lung cancer, I would be really healthy!! Cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid function, liver function, kidney function all normal. PSA/prostate good. EKG - good. Red blood cell and hemoglobin counts just a little low. Breathing very good and lungs sound very clear. Have been having a little trouble sleeping and started taking ambien a couple weeks ago - really helps. I have the smallest dose - so I am testing just taking a half pill this week.

Everything else is going well. Jill is feeling pretty good. She has started to do her bike rides when weather permits.