Friday, October 26, 2012

Losing too much weight docs are unhappy about my recent weight loss of 15 lbs since August 6. When I saw Dr E (lung oncologist) a couple weeks ago, he mentioned it. When I saw Dr F (Primary Care Doc) today she really emphasised it. I just haven't been hungry. Guess I will need to focus on eating more calories, more red meat and anything else to maintain/gain weight. 

Biggest issue is that I am almost never hungry.  Apparently, Dr F is sending a note to Dr E about giving a med to create appetite. I am eating when I notice that it is time to do so. And I am drinking Ensure+ two or more times per day. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/21 update

Several people have commented that it's a while since I posted. I have pasted an email sent to one of those people. One thing I left off is that I continue on oxygen 24/7. Below is the email.

Yes, I need to blog. Sorry about that. I am doing OK. The most difficult side effect from the chemo has been a significant itch - neck, shoulders, chest, belly, thighs, back of knees, top of ankles, etc. various locations and various times. Most irritating at night when it keeps me awake. 

Also, pretty significant, tiring cough. Hard enough that my chest often hurts. Initially, I had nasty mucus. Often, when I coughed up mucus, it was dark yellow. That has finally eased up the last few days. 

I am getting into work most days. Usually sleep until 8 or later. Takes quite a while to get ready. I am very slow. Typically get to the office late.  Usually leave early. My VPs and admins update me. I review and sign things that require my approval. I catch up on emails. 

I typically veg out in the late afternoon and evening. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back to work

I made it into the office Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In late. Out early. But, I was able to catch up even with the short days. Home today for my oxygen delivery. Should now have enough for the next week.  Better each day; but, not yet back to new normal. Expect to go to the office tomorrow. 

With so many treatments, it is hard to tell what has caused which side effects. Whole-brain radiation, pleuridisis surgery, flu shot, new chemotherapy.  Hard cough with yellow-brown mucus, really itchy skin on face, head shoulders, chest and feet.  Feet are closer to normal - I have ankles again. A few days before Friday were miserable. Better now. Couldn't sleep for two nights. If you can imagine - fatigue,  heavy cough, very itchy. Body wanted to sleep; but, cough and itch kept me awake. Hope I am past that onslaught of side.