Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back to work

I made it into the office Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In late. Out early. But, I was able to catch up even with the short days. Home today for my oxygen delivery. Should now have enough for the next week.  Better each day; but, not yet back to new normal. Expect to go to the office tomorrow. 

With so many treatments, it is hard to tell what has caused which side effects. Whole-brain radiation, pleuridisis surgery, flu shot, new chemotherapy.  Hard cough with yellow-brown mucus, really itchy skin on face, head shoulders, chest and feet.  Feet are closer to normal - I have ankles again. A few days before Friday were miserable. Better now. Couldn't sleep for two nights. If you can imagine - fatigue,  heavy cough, very itchy. Body wanted to sleep; but, cough and itch kept me awake. Hope I am past that onslaught of side. 

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