Monday, December 27, 2010

documented response

I keep re-reading the email from Debb (RN).  "The documented response to therapy is 58% reduction. This is a low ball as there were some shrinkage/disappearance of lesions that couldn't be used for documentation..."  This would certainly seem to indicate the the crizotinib is doing a lot of good. I hadn't even thought about such a high level of reduction.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Amazing CT

I had great news from the CT (chest & abdomen) today. Significant tumor reduction. Two undefined spots that were found in my abdomen during pre-crisotinib testing are no longer visible. Dr E said that about 75% of the tumors were reduced. Apparently, I will get more detailed comparisons next week where they will compare various tumor sizes pre and post crisotinib. Treatment with crizotinib continues.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well...still waiting for 12/22 when I get a chest CT to determine if the crizotinib is helping. I still sense that it is working due to the real reduction in my coughing. But, I don't have any other gauge. Certainly, I have been a little fatigued, I have been having a little bit of edema (swelling) in my ankles, and I experience the vision effects (mostly trails). But, those don't really indicate much. Appetite has been pretty good and I have put on a couple pounds in the last few weeks. Happy that I haven't really had any significant side effects from the crizotinib. Will be very happy if it stays that way.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Status quo

About half-way through the second cycle of crizotinib. Pretty much just status quo. No new side effects. Nothing new to measure progress. A little more than a week until I get a CT and will have more definitive information regarding the progress of the test/study drug.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End of 1st cycle

Apparently, crizotinib is given in 21-day cycles and I have just finished the 1st cycle. So...I went in today for blood draw and an EKG first thing this morning. Then, saw Dr Einhorn. We discussed my status and side effects so far - basically, very minor stuff. Dr E signed off on the paperwork for me to start the 2nd cycle - which I started today. After that, I had lunch at the Bistro and had to wait 2 hours from the time I took the pills for another EKG and blood draw. At this time, everything looks good. Won't really know anything until 12/22 when I go back for the tests and get a CT.

It is different being in a study because I don't just keep taking the pills. I had to turn in the Rx bottles and remaining pills (along with my medication diary) and got new Rx bottles/pills for the next cycle. I guess they do that as a double-check to confirm the number of pills vs what I put on the diary. I did forget one evening dose so they would be able to see that when they count the remaining pills.