Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/2/2011 Novalis radiosurgery

After the aborted plan for Gamma Knife radiosurgery yesterday, I went in today for a different procedure - Novalis radiosurgery. The procedure started mid-morning with them making a mask to hold my head in place - similar to the mask I had for full-brain radiation. Next, was a head CT with the mask in place. The doctors took that CT and the MRI from yesterday to plan the procedure. Jill and I were able to go to lunch during the planning. Rather than 201 radiation beams aimed at the lesions with my head in a frame, this procedure is a single radiation beam, my head is held steady by the mask and the machine moves (arcs) around my head. As it moves, the beam is focused on the lesion per the computer settings planned by the doctors. The procedure was around 20 minutes. Normal potential side effects from radiation - most of which I have only experienced over time. I would anticipate some fatigue. But, I don't anticipate many of the other side effects which I experienced from the full-brain radiation...we'll see what happens. I am instructed not to drive for 2 days, get plenty of rest, don't lower my head, watch for dizziness, etc. I go back to see Dr Henderson on Feb 2 for a follow up.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

12/1 darn - on to next procedure

Got an early call at 7:30 for an immediate Gamma Knife radiosurgery, went to IU, got prepped (IV, frame screwed onto my head, IV contrast, MRI), waited for doctors to plan, they came out to tell me they can't do the procedure. Apparently, the lesion location is outside the area where the radiation beams can be focused. But...I still have the frame attachment sores and I am dozy from the sedation. Gave me options - scheduled a different procedure (Novalis radiosurgery). I go in tomorrow, Friday, at 9am.