Friday, June 26, 2009

one more week

Spent quite a bit of time this week ensuring that I would have oxygen in Rome and on the ship. Turns out that I may have procrastinated just a little more than I should have. In the end, I did get it all together and have a portable O2 concentrator ordered for the entire trip. So...I have just about everything done except for packing. Since I maintain a cruise packing list, it should take me long to pack.

This was a rough week for all of our family. Brett had a bout with pink eye. The last I hear, he is just about healed up - so I hope it doesn't cause any problem for the trip. Julie has been diagnosed with mono - so, she has a while to put up with getting over it from what I hear. Jill took a fall in the garage and we ended up taking her in for an xray of her hand. Luckily, it turns out that she is banged up but nothing is broken.

I haven't had much of any health problems this week. My face remains almost completely cleared up from the tarceva sores. The only day I didn't make it into the office was the day after Jill's fall. We were in the emergency room for quite a while - so, I didn't get much sleep. But, it all worked out OK.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Re: HI

Doing OK. Change of Tarceva and addition of an antibiotic really helped my face. Appetite is so-so. I'm down about 20 lbs. Kinda have to push myself to be sure to eat.

We are getting ready for the trip. Almost all arrangements done except for oxygen service which I will get finalized this week.

Now it comes down to whether I'll be able to handle the excursions that I have booked. Body is running perhaps 50 to 70%. Definitely not 100% yet.
So...that's that. I made it into the office 5 days last week. Some days were just 5 or 6 hours - but I was able to be productive.

When we get back in July, I have follow up tests for radiation therapy (brain), right chest (cancer) and left lung (pulmonary embolism - blood clot in the lung). Once I'm back, they will do all this testing to determine progress.

So, we'll just enjoy ourselves the best we can until we're back in Indy for testing.

Jill is doing pretty well. She and her mom should be able to handle the excursions. And, should all be OK. Only issue is going to be me. And...I'm just going have to make it work.

Should be a good set of excursions for the kids. Brett and Arielle will be doing some of the same excursions as us. But, they have booked a few on there own -activities that we would not be able to handle.

So...that's what's happening here. Trying to focus on sleep, some exercise, try to eat, control the skin and finish up last arrangements.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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How are you? Haven't heard from you for awhile. Rheta

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh my!

I haven't written much in the couple weeks. Haven't felt real well, haven't been into work and spent most of the time figuring what to do to feel better.

Let's deal with non-medical first. For weeks we have planned on visiting Julie this weekend. For a couple weeks, it looked like that wouldn't happen. But, I told Jill I was determined to make it happen. We just got home a few minutes ago - so we did make it. The drive was tough and required quite a few stops.

We got to see Julie's new single apartment. It is definitely a keeper. Wood floors throughout. Good room sizes. Very nice.

Jill took Julie shopping for a few necessities. So, we ran around much of Saturday - some times I went in and some times I rested in the car.

Now, medical stuff. The new antibiotic for my skin seems to be working. Obviously, the reduced Tarceva dose may also be helping.

I am having problems with my eyes. They are kinda crusting up. I imagine it is yet another side effect from the Tarceva. I need to use a wet wash rag to rinse them out every few hours. I use a product called "tears" and it helps.

Oh, when we got to the hotel, for the first time, my oxygen equip wasn't there. Had to scramble around calling the O2 company. They finally got everything there within 90 minutes or so. They have always been excellent in the past - and, actually, were pretty good at how quickly they reacted.

So...that should have everyone caught up.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

not a good week

This week turned out to not be very good. Back to the routine of sleeping all the time - I'm assuming from the weaning (again) from the steroids. I emailed Dr Einhorn and he said the symptoms seem to him to be from the steroids or radiation. In any case, I have not felt comfortable driving. I had Jill drive me to see Dr Forkin Wednesday - to examine the sores I have on my fingers. She gave me a prescription cream to use. The sores seem to be getting a little better - but they haven't cleared up completely. I see Dr Einhorn this Wednesday. We need to make a decision regarding oxygen on the Europe trip.

I haven't decided about work this week. It will all depend on whether I get any sleep and how I am feeling. This past week, I couldn't have made the drive. But, I'll have to see how I feel this week. No need to risk me and others if I am not feeling right.