Sunday, June 7, 2009

not a good week

This week turned out to not be very good. Back to the routine of sleeping all the time - I'm assuming from the weaning (again) from the steroids. I emailed Dr Einhorn and he said the symptoms seem to him to be from the steroids or radiation. In any case, I have not felt comfortable driving. I had Jill drive me to see Dr Forkin Wednesday - to examine the sores I have on my fingers. She gave me a prescription cream to use. The sores seem to be getting a little better - but they haven't cleared up completely. I see Dr Einhorn this Wednesday. We need to make a decision regarding oxygen on the Europe trip.

I haven't decided about work this week. It will all depend on whether I get any sleep and how I am feeling. This past week, I couldn't have made the drive. But, I'll have to see how I feel this week. No need to risk me and others if I am not feeling right.

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