Saturday, April 30, 2011

Milestones in my cancer

This week, April 26 is the fourth anniversary of my actual lung cancer diagnoses.  Next week, May 4, is the aniversary of my first chemotherapy treatment. I feel very lucky to still be around to fight the battle with cancer.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

CT & tests April 27

CT and bloodwork yesterday.  Saw Dr Einhorn.  He indicated that my lung cancer is stable.  I received the following from the Research RN today.  "Followup that radiology agreed with Dr E – there has been further shrinkage of abdominal fluid/omental disease.  Labs were stable…." and "The lung ct was spot on stable…the omentum was ½ cm smaller…the fluid was eyeballed smaller (difficult to measure)"  Apparently, the omentum is the area in my abdomen where they have previously spotted an unidentified mass that has reduced during the crizotinib treatment.  So...test appear to be good news.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 6 - on since Nov 11

5 three week cycles so far,  Even cycles I get scans, bloodtests,exam.  Odd cycles I get bloodtests and exam. Discussions about breathing, coughing, pain, appetite, visual trails in my sight, and any oddities I have been feeling.  This week nothing really new. Dr E is happy that I have managed to keep some of the weight that I gained on the cruise.  My appetite has been good. He is also happy that my liver function has improved.  It had been getting slightly worse during recent weeks. With improvement this week, no need to consider adjusting the criotinib dosage.

My physical condition puts some limits on what we can handle. But we are making the most of what we can.  During upcoming weeks/months, we will visit our son and his wife to see their new home, we will make a trip to Joliet to see family, we'll try to get over to see Julie, we will attend a family wedding on Dominica and we will visit NY and do a cruise of New England and Canada.

Our challenge is to keep ourselves well enough to handle all the travel. Good Luck to us.