Monday, January 18, 2010


Off today for MLK day. Jill bowled - so...Jake and I went to Taco Bell for lunch. One of my favorites for fast food; but, Jill won't go there. Finished my burrito supreme. Had to save the bean burrito for a snack later. And, brought home cinnamon crisps for both Jill and me. Don't know what is in them; but, sure do like the cinnamon crisps.

This weekend was lots of football. Watched all or most of every playoff game. Colts play the Jets next weekend. We'll be in front of the TV for that game for sure.

I have been doing reasonably well. Haven't lost any weight in the past week. Eyes are watering. But, I can see reasonably well and my eyes aren't red. Another couple weeks before a spend quite a bit of doctor time during mid-Feb. ENT will check my ears and tubes. Radiation oncologist will get an MRI to check status of my brain lesions. Oncologist will get a CT to check whether my lung cancer is officially in remission. If the NIH agrees that I am in remission, will hold off on the NIH test drug until my lung cancer is active again. Hopefully, that will be quite a while.

All this just before we leave for a Caribbean cruise for a couple weeks. We are cruising on Regent Seven Seas for the first time. The Navigator is on the small side with just 500 passengers. Should be more comfortable for us.

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