Saturday, January 9, 2010

Doing pretty well.

Yesterday I saw Dr. Forkin. My annual physical was July and she wanted blood tests to be sure that my meds are at the right doses. So many different docs. She is my primary care physician and monitors the basics like blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney & liver function, normal blood test stuff and other basics that aren't cancer related. Happily, I was good on all things. I also discussed a couple other issues that I have. She said that the pain that I have in my right side is still remaining effects from the pleurodesis surgery done back in April - when they removed 1 1/2 gallons of fluid from the area of my right lung.

She also examined my eyes which have been bothering me for a week or so. Last Tuesday both eyes became very red, itchy, watery and crusty. This was much the same as a few months ago. On Wednesday, I started to use the ointment that was prescribed last time and my eyes have been better each day since. Most of the redness is gone and they aren't crusting up much. I am to use the ointment daily until 2 days after my eyes are what I consider normal. Dr F indicated that I do not have any infection in the eyes. As was the case before, it seems to be a result of eyelash loss from chemo. It is a relief to know that there isn't an infection. But, it sure is irritating again.

It has been cold - actually, frigid. We have a few inches of snow on the ground. Neighbor boy did the driveway once; but, we have had more snow since then. We just drove over it this morning when we went out to get groceries. I guess I may have to get help again since I can't really handle the snowblower.

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