Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football today and need clothes

Today is a real football day. First, the Colts play the NY Jets. Then, the Saints play the Vikings. Will be a fun day hunkered down in my chair watching football most of the day. Obviously, we will be hoping that the Colts win.

I have been doing pretty well. On Friday, I had a strange re-occurrence of the problems in my eyes - mainly just the right eye. During the afternoon, at work, the right eye started to get really itchy and watery. By the time I started to drive home, the right eye was blazing red and the lid was swelling. I managed to make it home and immediately put some of the Tobradex on the lower lid. Gradually got better during the evening and the red was gone by Saturday AM. Today, both eyes are pretty much back to what is normal for me - not perfect but acceptable.

Otherwise, most everything else is about normal for the circumstances. Pain in my right side is still there from the pleurodesis surgery last April. Have talked to the docs and this is, apparently, normal. The fatigue continues; but, I manage to deal with it. Just need a nap occasionally and I don't overdo activities.

Appetite is about the same. Not a lot of food is particularly interesting and I can't really taste some things. Typically, I just eat because I know I must.  Normally, I need to eat pretty small meals and I supplement with yogurt or a nutrition drink (Ensure plus). I am continuing to lose weight - but much slower. I lost just 1 to 2 lbs this past week or so.

I bought some pants/jeans that were down one size. Too bad I bought as many as I did because I have only gotten a few months at that size. Now, I got a pair of jeans down another size - but even they are loose. I may need to go down again. That will be down 6" in the waist. And, I will try to get through this winter; but, I will definitely need all new sweaters and shirts. Jill says that I am "swimming" in my sweaters. Lots of cashmere to replace. AMVETs will like picking up all the donated clothes during the next few months.

I also just realized last night that I need to buy some things for the cruise. I had totally forgotten about that and it is coming up fast. At a minimum, I will need to buy some shorts. I don't have any except for my original size. Jill and I will probably go through Land's End online to see what we can order. I don't really have the energy to do lots of store shopping; but, we might do a little. But, I have become so accustomed to buying online because few stores carried the big boy sizes that I needed before the 69 lb weight loss.

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