Monday, February 1, 2010

New Clothes

Ordered some new pants & some shorts last week. I realized that my old shorts wouldn't fit me on the cruise. I took a shot and ordered a much smaller waist size. I had already gone down a size (2") but those pants & dress slacks are already way too loose. A few weeks ago, I ordered some jeans down another size (another 2"). Then last week I ordered another size smaller (yet another 2") and got the order today. I can't believe how small they look - couldn't believe I would fit into them. But...they fit quite well. Am now down 6" in the waist from about a year ago. That would be about 70 lbs. No more shopping at the Big Man shops.

This order was all casual shorts and pants. So, I will need to order some dress slacks for work. And, I will need to start replacing my shirts. I've been getting by wearing sweaters over my shirts. But, that won't work when it warms up. I don't think my weight will ever get back to as heavy as I was; so, I guess it's time to replace just about everything.

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