Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taxi in FL

Today started pretty well. Our ride picked us up a few minutes early - which was nice since it gave us extra time to get to the gate. Flight left a little late and arrived a little late - to be expected with all the bad weather around.

However, things went really bizarre when our taxi driver didn't have any idea how to get to our hotel - Spring Hill Suites Airport. He asked for the hotel name at least a dozen times as we drove. He asked if we had ever been there.

I finally, called the hotel and they told me we had gone too far and gave us directions. Our driver still couldn't handle it and I had to call the hotel again. I kept her on the phone and she said "Oh no, I can see your taxi and he just missed the turn."

Once we finally got there, he tried to tell me it was a Marriott even when I pointed at the Spring Hill Suites sign. He tried say it was my fault. It is owned by Marriott; but, it is not a Marriott. Just how slow and clear can you say Spring...Hill...Suites? And, how many times should need to give the exact address?

I asked him what he expected me to pay for that ride. I knew the meter was over $22 plus a $2 extra charge. He asked what I would pay and I told him I would pay $15. He shook his head and said that he would just give it to me free. Obviously, he didn't expect that I would say "OK" and went immediately to asking for the full fare - pointing at the meter. I handed him $20 - no tip. He took it and went away. I thought about taking his cab number but decided it wasn't worth the trouble. We decided it was as bad as our last car in Rome.

We checked in, got to our room and decided to order Chinese so we could watch the Olympics. Turned out the place we used (from the hotel-offered menus) was excellent. Hunan Wok II in Dania Beach. Way more food than we could eat; but, very reasonable price and delicious.

The rest of the night is Olympics and sleep. We take the hotel shuttle to the ship tomorrow.

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