Wednesday, February 17, 2010

brain lesions

First, I was hit in the past few days by more than 150 attempted spam ad postings on my blog.  Thankfully, I learned how to change my settings after a few spam posts about a year ago.  Hopefully, I caught them all.

Today, I visited Dr Henderson to get the news regarding my MRI last week.  Happily, the news is that the lesions in my brain are stable.  No new lesions.  Current lesions not active.  Dr H discussed status of various side effects.  No new side effects and most previous side effects have reduced or subsided.  No neurological issues.  I am having a some short-term memory issues and a little difficulty coming up with words and names.  These are apparently common things after full-brain radiation and Dr H wasn't really concerned.  Go back for new MRI in late June.

I also saw my ENT this week regarding the tubes in my ears.  Everything is OK.  Go back for re-check in August.

So...lots of good news in the past few weeks.  I certainly realize that this will bite me eventually.  But, I am happy to take the good news for now.

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