Thursday, March 26, 2009

day after last treatment

Today was the first day after my last of 10 radiation treatments. I can pretty feel the overall cumulative impact of all the treatments. But, basically all is OK. Pretty simple day. Went to the office in the morning and stayed through just after lunch. Treated myself to a massage this afternoon to see if it might help with my swelling ankles and calves. Actually, did offer a bit of relief.

Later, we joined two other couples for a wonderful meal at The Iron Skillet. Great food. Lotsa food. Good company. Good time.

Spent quite a bit of time yesterday buying and installing a new computer for Jill. Minor adjustments and a few questions to be answered - but, it's pretty much set up. Should be lots faster and less frustrating for her. Also, decided to buy myself a toy - got one of those new netbooks - kind of a ultra small laptop. Less than half the size of my Mac laptop. It looks like it will be a good email PC and can do games, video, music, etc while we travel. We'll see...I just felt like a new toy.

So...I better try to get a little more sleep tonight than I have gotten during the past couple weeks.

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