Tuesday, March 17, 2009

another day, another treatment

Well...the radiation treatments are becoming kinda routine. Once again, I got there a little early. They were ready for me and took me in almost immediately. They took a photo for my records today. Other than that, all went pretty quick. Had a morning meeting at work rescheduled for this afternoon - so, back to the office today.

Nothing else really new. My energy level seems to be maintaining with the reduced pain in my feet. But...didn't sleep worth a damn last night. Even after taking an Ambien, I finally got to sleep around 4AM. But, it doesn't seem to be hampering me - so, I guess I'll just live with it.

No new side effects from the radiation yet. Hair is still here - meaning what's left is still here. Have been were the new hat that I got. Got a few positive "love the new hat" comments today :-)

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