Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Radiation treatment

OK...I have more definite info re my status and next treatment. I met with the radiation oncology doc and the radiation therapists today. Also, had a chest CT - will wait for Dr Einhorn re results of that test.

It seems that my passing out events on the ship were unrelated to the brain metastes of my cancer. Just lucky to catch it while trying to figure out why I was passing out. Looks like the events during vacation were a result of heavy coughing - which may be related to status of my lungs.

However, I do have several very small lesions in my brain which appear to be cancer - about button size. Nothing large enough to have caused any symptoms. Standard treatment for multiple lesions is full brain radiation treatment. They completed the prep work today and I receive my first treatment tomorrow. I will get radiation Th-F, M-F, and M-W for a total of 10 treatments.

Both Dr Henderson and Dr Einhorn seem pretty optimistic. Since my body reacted quite well to the chemo, they seem to think I will react well to the radiation. After the initial round of radiation, there will be regular follow re status.

Once Dr Einhorn gets the chest CT results, he will determine whether I need treatment for my lungs. If so, it would be after I complete the radiation.

Re side effects, the most likely effects will be significant fatigue, hair loss (again), headaches, and possible nausea. However, the biggest hassle is that I am not supposed to drive. I'll have to figure out how to deal with that. Having Jill take me to treatments plus asking her to get me to the office would be a bit much. I'll probably need to get creative.

Jill and I both feel pretty good after meeting with the docs yesterday and today. Seems like just another bump in the road - but, one that we can get over. The driving issue will be pretty inconvenient; but, it doesn't seem like the treatments will be onerous - certainly not as rough as the chemo that really knocked me on my butt!!

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