Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good news Sunday!

Well...the best news today is that my feet are actually feeling a little better. Even after a day filled with running errands, the pain seems to be less. I had expected to be really beat after the day on my feet - not so!! The increase in the gabapentin dose recommended by Dr Forkin seems to perhaps be helping. It is such a relief. Having my feet hurt all day and with every step is a real energy-drainer.

So, I feel quite good today. And, it wasn't from a good night sleep - cuz I slept very little last night. Gonna need to take an ambien tonight. Can't be awake until 6AM and expect to get enough sleep. Jill seems to think it might be the steroids - which are also giving my chest/stomach pains. Last night Dr Henderson recommended that I get Zantac or Prilosec - which I picked up this morning.

I plan to drive tomorrow. It is a bit early from the doc recommendation. But, I'm tired of being chauffeured. It has been 3 weeks since I passed out on the ship and my cough is signigicantly reduced. I just don't think it is an issue.

So...kinda back to the normal schedule tomorrow - with the exception of the radiation treatments in the afternoon.

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