Friday, March 27, 2009

Thrush if everything else isn't enough, I have a new side effect today. Something called thrush. Apparently, it is a kind of fungal infection - it is at the back of my throat. Imagine a sore throat - scratchy, a little painful to swollow. It's kinda like that. I have a couple more meds.

Fatigue is a bit more today. Not an overburdening thing. But, enough to notice. Legs and ankles are still quite swollen. Still makes walking a little funky. Not really painful. More a lessened feeling of balance.

Today was a relatively simple day. Met with my advisor from Merrill Lynch - time to review where we are to decide whether to make changes. We pretty much decided to just continue to let things ride as is. Then, to the office for an interview with a candidate for a position we have open in San Francisco. Good candidate. Good lunch. Stuck around for a little while until I decided that I had done everything that needed attention. So...outta there. I headed home for a relaxing weekend.

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