Saturday, March 28, 2009


So...I researched this thrush infection a bit more. Apparently, it is actually a yeast infection that most typically is a baby thing. In adults, it happens when certain types of chemo and other certain med treatments are involved.

This morning, my throat is absolutely miserable. Much like a very sore throat from a cold or such. Very rough when swallowing. So, I take the new meds for a 14 day period. I had expected to forgo the pain meds - I can say this morning that ain't gonna happen. I already popped one of the pain meds. The pain woke me up too early today and I need to get enough sleep.

The better news is that few other side effects are bothering me this morning. I do still have elephants ankles and legs. Still quite funky trying to walk because I don't have the feeling of having my balance with my feet under me. But, it mainly takes a little extra focus on balance - particularly when I stand up from a chair.

We'll need to get out today. I need to re stock on fruit. Gotta find a better blueberry supply. The dinky little containers at Kroger just didn't cut it. I put more blueberries in a bowl of cereal than their little container. That's just not right! I guess maybe back to Sams.

Apparently, we have some storms/rain coming in. So, I guess we'll try to get things done before the weather arrives.

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