Thursday, March 12, 2009

First radiation treatment

Well...that was pretty simple. Shortly after I got to the treatment center in the IU Cancer Pavilion, they took me back to a treatment room. I laid on a table and they put on the mask.

Since this was the first treatment, they took a few regular Xrays for the doc to review. He checked to be sure that the mask covered as it should. After that, they followed with the radiation treatment. It really wasn't much different from the Xrays. Slight light flash in my peripheral vision. No pain or sensation of any kind. Couple minutes and done. The prep time and other misc stuff takes longer than the treatment. Sure is very different from the hours of chemo.

I'm a little tired. But, I think that's more from not sleeping real well last night. Maybe a little jitters about the treatment. Apparently, the side effects start slowly as the radiation begins to accumulate. So, I guess I'll feel a little more as I get more treatments.

After the treatment, we went to lunch and, then, to Orvis. I picked up a cap that is a little more suitable for wearing to work than a baseball cap. I will be getting some skin reaction - they say similar to a sunburn. And, the radiated area will be very sensitive to sunlight/UV rays. So...I'll need to wear a hat/cap whenever I go out.

Gonna kick back and just relax for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow and next week I am scheduled for 3PM treatments. I am working on getting rides to work in the morning. Jill will pick me up in the afternoon for my treatments. Hopefully, should work out until I can drive again.

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