Friday, March 13, 2009

Side effects

Side effects from first radiation not too bad so far. The areas behind my ears at the top edge of my jaw are sore on both sides. The doc said that there would be fluid buildup in that area. But, so far, it is more tender/sore. Hurts to chew and cough.

Haven't had enough radiation to feel any skin tenderness or sunburn on my scalp. Only fatigue so far is probably more from not sleeping well. Will try to nap today.

Next treatment is this afternoon. Process should be pretty simple. I have an ID card and will just check myself in when I get there and go straight to a special waiting room. They say that the actual treatment time will be quite short.
It looks like I have been able to work out rides for work most days of my treatment starting next week. If all works out, I will go into the office for a few hours in the morning. Jill will pick me up at the office and take me to the treatment. Hopefully, we can all make it happen for the 1 1/2 weeks to go.

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