Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday - no treatment

Well...last night I actually felt like I re-entered the world of normal people! The tapering schedule allowed me to eliminate the final steroid of the day. And, that seemed to mean that it allowed me to really get a little sleep. I actually got several hours worth of just normal sleep - and that felt wonderful this morning. Thursday night had been the worst night I have had in a long long time - but, it is nice to seem like I'm on the positive swing.

As usual, pretty much no real side effects from the radiation. Since I won't have another treatment today or tomorrow, I'm assuming that all will be uneventful for a couple days.

The really good news is that Julie and Penny got home last night. I am so glad that she decided to come visit. We chatted for quite a while last night. And, this morning we all headed out for Dunkin Donuts - hmmm. She and Jill have headed out for a few errands - so, I get to vegitate for a bit. I'm hoping that we'll get a chance for a nice lunch somewhere today.

My plan for the rest of today is to just sit around - might watch a little basketball or a movie or just do nothing. So...I figured I'd get my update done and space out. So...that's all for today.

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