Friday, March 13, 2009

2nd radiation

Today was my second radiation treatment. Pretty much uneventful. Stayed home this AM so Jill could get some things done. Treatment was at 3PM. Arrived a little early -they took me in at 3. Initially, the techs had a question about the fit of the mask. So...they waited just a few minutes for a doc to check the mask. After he indicated that the fit was good, they proceeded with the treatment - which actually only took minutes. I was out of the hospital in about 20 minutes

Next, I get daily treatments M-F next week and M-W the next week. Only side effect so far has been a bit of soreness/tenderness at the top of my jaw - both sides, just behind the ears. It hurts to the touch, when I bite and when I cough. Otherwise no other side effects yet.

A little tired this afternoon - but I think it is more from not sleeping well the past couple nights. Could have slept quite a bit longer this morning - but Beth was scheduled to clean and I didn't want to be laying around in bed when she showed up. Will probably sleep in tomorrow.

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