Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 19 at sea

Well...Jill won $260 at the casino. Apparently, none of the penny, nickel or quarter slots that she likes were available. So, she decided to try the $1 machines. Of course, with her luck, it didn't take long. She decided to quit while she was ahead.

She is a little funky this morning - but...she did eat breakfast. She still thinks she might be coming down with a cold. But, she said this morning that she is worried about me. I told her to stop that and to worry more about herself. Doesn't do anyone any good if she makes herself sick worrying about me. So...she went to the casino and boom - more money won! So much for worrying about me.

My stiff neck from the fall is about gone. My face is coming back slowly. Haven't passed out in a couple days. The robitussin seems to be helping - but the cough is still pretty hard at times. I'm beginning to think it may just take time. Maybe I have a cold on top of my normal coughing. We'll deal with it when we get back to Indy.

Was a pretty uneventful day - except for Jill's casino trip this morning. We really didn't do much. Trivia and tribond - middle of the road. Taco day for lunch - with churro's. Formal dinner with baked Alaska for dessert. Then, to bed for us.
Tomorrow, we dock in Cozumel. No excursion planned; but, we will probably get off briefly to get more meds.

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