Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 16 Cartagena, Columbia

This morning we docked early in Cartagena, Columbia. Very industrial dock area. We understand that it is a taxi ride to town.

After falling on my face last night, we have decided to not go ashore. I could certainly use some cough meds. But, we don't want to risk having any problem while off the ship. Jill surveyed the damage this morning. I have a swollen lip, rug burns on my lip, nose, chin and forehead. My left eye (the white of the eye) is red. And, she says I have a bit of a black right eye. It looks like I've been beat up. But, I feel a little better than I look. My neck is a bit stiff and, of course, I still have the rough cough. However, we will be headed to trivia soon.

So-so at morning trivia. Played Match Game this afternoon - we won.

News flash from our English tablemates from last cruise segment. "Our eventful life continues, when we landed at Heathrow, we were instructed to stay in our seats, and in burst 6 armed police (unusual in the UK, as you may know!!). They went to the back of the plane and returned with a male passenger in handcuffs, hey ho!!!" They sure do seem to have things happen to them.

Well...I had another incident mid-day today. Luckily, I was laying on the sofa in our cabin. I emailed my docs. Just heard back from Dr Mason Goodman (pulmonary doc) and he said there is a thing called "cough syncope" where some can may response to heavy coughing by passing out. He said that, as long as all else remains stable, I should simply see Dr Einhorn when I get back to Indy. I already have an appt for CT scan and status review just a few days after our return.

Panama tomorrow. Sending this early while I have service.

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