Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 9 at sea

This is what I really like about cruising! Totally nothing required but to sit back and relax. I am really getting much too accustomed to these breakfasts delivered to our cabin. Afternoon tea delivered to our cabin. Hor' dourves delivered to our cabin.

We do have to leave our cabin to get lunch at the Seaside Cafe and for dinner in the San Marcos dining room. But, we surely aren't lacking opportunities to eat and snack. For the first time on a while, I think I am probably gaining a few pounds on a cruise. much for food. We did so-so at morning trivia. However, we tied for first in tribond - lost the tie-breaker. I forgot to note that we "won" tribond yesterday - of course, we were the only team yesterday!

Other than that, we really just laid around all day. Jill got in some more reading. I found a new game for my blackberry - so I wasted time playing.

Tonight was a formal night - baked Alaska, waiters parading and singing and all that stuff. Unfortunately, our tablemate Janet (from England) apparently became ill today. She passed out right after lunch and spent time in the infirmary. John came to dinner alone and he scooted out very quickly afterward.

That's about it. Tomorrow is another sea day before we dock in Ft Lauderdale on Monday. We will be staying aboard for the next cruise.

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