Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 15 at sea

Well...trouble sleeping last night. But...that makes for a day of many naps. I had a real nice nap on the verandah while Jill was at the casino. Jill seems to have slept pretty well. Started with breakfast - so...let's talk about food.

Breakfast in the cabin for Jill has been Special K with milk, a plain donut and either hot chocolate or tea. My breakfast has been a mixture of omelet/scrambled eggs/poached eggs/hard boiled eggs with corned beef hash/sometimes bacon, hash browns and danish/toast. I have grapefruit juice and, sometimes tea. Every few days I switch up and get oatmeal with raisins.

Armando delivers breakfast at 8:30 very promptly every day. We have breakfast in our cabin to avoid the noise, crowds and other stuff in the dining rooms. Sure is nice to relax with breakfast in our cabins. Our verandah is just a bit small for breakfast. But, our table is next to the verandah door.

Next each morning is trivia at 9:30. The time consistency on this ship is nice because we can plan around the time. Again, we did so-so today. But, we have better partners this cruise - so, we are a little more competitive.

After a short time to relax, we head to lunch. We have eaten every lunch in the Seaside Cafe - which include the buffet and several specialty areas. They have special stations for sandwiches, pizza, salads, pasta and Asian plus a carving station. I usually go to one of the specialty stations. Jill splits things up a little more. Sometimes she will make a salad and, then, get meat from the sandwich station. Or, she will get a roll and get meat from the carving station for a sandwich.

After lunch, there is typically trivia or tribond mid-afternoon. We have been doing really well at tribond with our new partners. They also have a battle-of-the-sexes trivia and, usually, pictionary. We don't participate in those very often.

At breaks between games and meals, we typically just relax in our cabin. Jill reads and I play games on my blackberry (or write my daily updates).

Around 4:00, Armando brings afternoon tea - with various snacks, cookies, cakes, etc. Around 5:00, he brings a small plate of canape's. Jill doesn't eat these since they are mostly salmon mousse, caviar, ham-wrapped asparagus and such things.

Around 5:30, we go to listen to either the A Capella group or the dance band - depending upon who is performing. We get to listen for about 1/2 hour before our 6:00 dinner seating. Dinner is usual cruise ship dinner food.

Now...for the slots update (for Barbara), Jill won again today - obviously. Playing a penny machine, she won $256.50!! She is up something like $700+ so far. She has been going to the casino a couple times each day for the last few days.

After dinner, we went to watch MetroPark. Strange event tonight. I passed out in my chair while watching. Metro Park singing. Of course, we were in the front row and I flopped right on my face right in front. Quite a bit of rug burn on my face. It was a real show stopper.

However, given the experience of one of our tablemates last week, I told them I was fine and sat for a while. They had a bunch of people show up in the Cova Cafe but I told them I didn't need to be taken away. I'm waiting to see if they try to bill me anyway. When Janet passed out last week, they gave her IV saline and basically observed her for two hours - and charged them $1,000 for the medical care.

So...we're back in our cabin and plan to just relax for the rest of the evening.

Cartagena, Columbia tomorrow. Don't know if we'll be getting off. We'll see.
We have been there and have seen their historic sites.

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