Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 1

Boarding was very easy. Lines weren't too bad and our cabin was available right away. We settled in a little, met our cabin steward, met our butler and grabbed a little lunch. Now...we just wait for our luggage. (Actually, luggage came pretty early - which was nice.)

Well...we did our lifeboat drill - always so much fun. And, saw a guy on the crew who was on a ship with us before - maybe Alaska. Our butler, Armondo, brought us our first afternoon canapies - smoked salmon mousse, melon/ham and some kind of cheese. As usual, Jill plans to wait for tea.

About 4:45 and we are setting sail. Leaving the port will take a bit of time. Very busy. Two Princess ships (Coral and Grand) in port as well as the HAL Maasdam and a couple smaller ships that I didn't identify.

We have early dinner seating and have a table for 6. One couple is from Scotland and the other from England - I didn't catch what city. Very nice group for dinners. Watched a 4-piece Polish band (complete with accordion) and the A Capella group after dinner. (One member of the A Capella group was on our Alaska cruise last May.)

When we got back to the cabin, this butler is really on the ball. He already brought us more water and set up the table for breakfast. Might stay up for the 10PM variety show since we have a sea day tomorrow.

So...that's Day 1.

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