Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 14 at sea

Well...I guess I'll start today's update with a health report since I haven't commented about that lately. Jill has been doing very well...until last night. At dinner, she started to feel a little funky and went to the cabin. She rested/ slept and I got her some tea later - around 9:45. She says that she slept pretty well and she was feeling quite a bit better this morning. She ate her usual breakfast and we headed off for trivia. She doesn't know if she, perhaps ate something with too much salt or something. But...she is better today.

I have also been doing reasonably well. My feet continue to bother me and walking from one end of the ship to the other wears me out. Unfortunately, the dining room is at one end and the shows are at the other end - so, it difficult to avoid the walking. I just grin and bear it. I have developed a more significant cough during the past few days - very deep and pretty heavy cough. I didn't think to bring cough meds with me since the cough hasn't bothered me too much for a while. We plan to look for something at one of the ports.

Now for the better news. JACKPOT!! Jill won a 1,000 quarter jackpot this morning. She sure can be lucky at the slots.

And, we tied for first in tribond. Lost the tie-breaker; but, who cares. We don't need more Celebrity pens. Was nice to get 20 of 20 questions.

I went to see Leatherheads in the cinema this afternoon. Pretty good movie. Nothing else really new. Good pianist for entertainment tonight.

Another day at sea tomorrow.

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