Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 3

Well...nice lazy day at sea today. Breakfast in the cabin. Tribond at 9AM and morning trivia at 9:30. Again, we were just so-so. Lunch in the Seaside Cafe and lazy afternoon - napping, reading and I have been playing games on by blackberry.

Armando brought tea a little earlier than yesterday - we were mid-shower and dressing for dinner. Grabbed our robes and had a very casual tea time. Normal stuff on the tea cart - Armando recommended a specific cookie and it turned out to be excellent.

Regarding our dinner tablemates, Carol and Alaster are from Scotland. He is the manager of a black-faced sheep farm. She arranges mystery shopping to help retailers ensure service quality. They have 3 kids - a girl/10 and 2 boys/12 &16. The 16 year old is managing the farm while they are gone.

Janet and John are from north of London. She is a retired nursery school teacher. Don't know yet what he does; but, he is a big-time Beatles fan. Once again, we lucked out with very good people at our table for dinner.

The ship has more than 600 passengers from Canada and almost 300 from England/Scotland. With around 1200 from the US, there are almost as many international passengers as there are US passengers. It makes for a nice, diverse group. We've seen 2 crew members from our Sept cruise and 1 from our May Alaska cruise - our Asst Maitre' de, one of the activity staff and the Activity Manager. at dinner tonight, we learned that our tablemates, John and Janet, have had some really bizarre experiences. First, their neighbor murdered his wife (by stabbing) in their driveway on their car. (Barbara - Maybe you can search the news for a murder on something like Silver or Silverlake Inn.) John was "kidnapped" by the Taliban in Pakistan. And, John was apparently on the plane when the President of the Phillipines was assassinated. Don't recall exactly; but, his name was Akino - or spelled something like that. Anyway, more as we hear the stories. So far, I'm trying to figure out if their life has really been so bizarre or if he is just a good storyteller!!

Listened to MetroPark (the A Capella group) again tonight. The ship's cast put on a decent show of Broadway songs.

We dock at St Thomas tomorrow.

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