Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 8 St Maarten

Another somewhat relaxing day. We spent the morning just eating breakfast, playing trivia, napping, playing tribond and eating lunch. After lunch, we went ashore to St Maarten. Jill wanted to visit Ballerina Jewelry.

She has a diamond tennis bracelet that needed resizing and didn't have it with her on St Thomas. Since she made a nice purchase at that store, they gave her a note instructing the St Maarten store to do the resizing at no charge. But, we hadn't expected that it would take 2 1/2 hours. So...we had to leave it with them and return later. As it turned out, they needed to remove 6 links and they made those links into a pendant for her. Quite nice. So, now her bracelet fits and she has a new pendant.

Entertainment tonight was a comedian. I think we have seen him before. He was pretty funny.

Healthwise, we are both doing pretty well. Jill has been watching her diet very well and hasn't been bothered at all during the cruise. My feet have been bothering quite a bit. But, I managed to walk quite a bit today. I have had a rough cough most of the cruise. Of course, I forgot to bring cough meds. At least the cough hasn't been keeping me awake. Both of us have slept pretty well most nights.

Day at sea tomorrow.

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