Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 4 St Thomas

This morning we docked in St Thomas. We were in no rush because we didn't have a planned excursion. So...after breakfast, we headed to morning trivia. We continued our habit of finishing in the middle.

After trivia, we headed out and got a taxi to downtown. Once there, we easily located the two primary stores we wanted to shop - Ballerina Jewelry and Boolchands. And boy oh boy, did we make good contribitions to the economy. At Ballerina, Jill found three pendants that she liked - two blue sapphire pieces and one rainbow sapphire piece.

At Boolchamps, I bought a memory card for my blackberry & camera. Eventually, we both bought watches. Neither of us was really looking for a watch; but, the prices were excellent. It was obvious that sales must be hurting in St Thomas. Deals were very good and the stores were obviously anxious to sell products.

After shopping, lunch on the ship and another mediocre trivia. Nothing really interesting at dinner tonight. Pretty decent comedian at the show.

That's about it. St Kitts tomorrow.

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