Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 7 St Lucia

We decided to make this a relaxing day. So...we didn't bother to get off the ship. Did the usual trivia. Otherwise, we just relaxed. In the afternoon, I got a massage and Jill got a facial. That was about it today.

Our tablemates, Carol & Alister, however, had quite an adventure. Their excursion was to be a sail on a catameran to see the Pitons - two hills that are famous in St Lucia. Apparently, their sail was uneventful going. However, the ride was a little rougher returning. Alister said there was a man in the front of the catameran who was dunked in the water and then up in the air 10 feet and then back into the water. Apparently, this happened many times. Would have been quite a ride. Glad we chose to relax.

Nothing else new. We head for St Maarten tomorrow.

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