Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 10 at sea

Another uneventful day at sea. So...I have attached a few pics.

First is the couple from England - John and Janet. Luckily, she was feeling much better tonight. As you can see, they look just like a couple with so many bizarre stories.

Next are Alister and Carol - from Scotland. Tomorrow is their 15th wedding anniversary - which they will spend traveling back to Scotland.

Finally, we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the A Capella group - MetroPark.

Tomorrow, we dock in the early morning. We must go up to the Seaside Cafe since we can't have it in our cabin. However, as others go through the disembarkation process, we get to relax. Unfortunately, we are required to meet at 10:15 to go through customs. Then, we reboard and begin the new cruise process all over.

Well...the first segment has been very good. We had great dinner tablemates, good food, wonderful staff taking care of us and enjoyable entertainment. We can only hope that the second segment is as good.

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