Friday, February 13, 2009

We begin

Yesterday we began our vacation with a flight to Ft Lauderdale. This was the first time we saw the new terminal in Indy. Pretty nice. Things were pretty uneventful. Small plane - so it was a little tight. Landed on time and our luggage was all already waiting for us when we got to baggage claim. Got to our hotel quuickly - Renaissance/Marriott. Cute little French bakery very close - we had a nice lunch. Then...of course, nap time. Nothing really interesting close for dinner since we wanted something within easy walking distance. Went to Bravo. The menu was quite different from home. But...they let us split a pasta and that was about right for us. Back to the hotel - watched a little TV - and, retired for the night.

Went back to the French bakery for breakfast. Good once more. Now...we are just biding our time until pickup to head to the ship. The hotel offers a shuttle service - so, we decided to try it rather than a taxi.

Next up...we board the ship.

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