Sunday, August 30, 2009

been a while has been a few days since I have posted. That's because there has been pretty much nothing new. I have slept pretty well over the last few days - ambien assisted. I have slept so well this weekend that I am going to need to focus on getting up for work tomorrow. I have been pretty fatigued; but, the extra sleep over the past few days has helped.

Various side effects/symptoms are still around but not unbearable. I still have some rash on my upper chest and shoulders. It itches; but, not enough to be a big bother. I do have some irritation in my eyes - constant watering, crusting up when I go to sleep (I need to use my fingers to pull them apart), kinda itchy. I've been using some OTC eyedrops. I'll need to talk to Dr E when I see him Wednesday.

My side is still a little stiff but not really painful. The incisions are now completely healed. My discharge papers indicated that I could continue to have some pain for several months after the surgery - it has been about a month now. I still need to be careful about trying to lift too much with my right hand. If I need to lift to shoulder level, about a gallon of milk is all I can handle.

I feel like I am eating reasonably well. But, I still continue to lose a little weight. Back in February, I was around 260+ and had been for quite a while. This morning, I am 216. I am down to the last notch on some of my belts. Without the health issues, that would be great. But, I am not supposed to be losing weight. I guess I need to buy a bunch of Dove Bars!!

I get my second infusion of Alimta on Wednesday. Beforehand, I will talk with Dr E about my various side effects/symptoms to be sure there is nothing he thinks I need to worry about.

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