Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2nd Alimta

Today was my second Alimta infusion. First was blood work and an appt with Dr Einhorn. Happily, my hemoglobin and white blood cell count were OK. Lowering white blood count is one possible side effect of the chemo. Dr E said mine was normal.

Now...the hemoglobin was a bit different - he said it was within "my normal range". Apparently, normal for men is 14 to 16 according to a google search. My normal seems to run 9 to 11. Don't ask me to explain that. In any case, the counts were good enough for him to approve the chemo infusion for today.

I also discussed my other symptoms. Rash is considered slight and actually doesn't bother me anymore at night as long as I take ambien. Dr E said I should hesitate to take the ambien every night since a good night sleep is very important for me.

The itchy eyes seemed to stump him. But, he said that even though this is not a normal Alimta side effect, I have almost always had odd side effects. Definitely doesn't think it is pink eye. Should just keep using lubricant drops and clean cotton balls to wipe the eyes.

He made a minor comment about continuing to lose weight. He wasn't too stern since my blood counts were acceptable. I am now down around 44 lbs since February. Gonna be time to get some new pants and belts soon.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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