Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day weekend begins

So far, so good a few days after Alimta infusion Wednesday. I have pushed to eat a little more - picked up some Dove Bars. And, as Dr Einhorn suggested, I have started taking ambien every night. weight loss is holding steady and I'm getting more sleep.

Today starts the beginning of the Labor Day weekend. Probably noting special. White Sox game on Fox tomorrow afternoon. Other than that, will probably just sit around and try to relax.

The rash is pretty stable and doesn't really bother me much. The itchy eyes have let up a little. I think, with the increase in food and good sleep, the fatigue is letting up a bit.

My recent new toy, a pulse oximeter, has indicated that I am running pretty well on blood oxygen saturation. Most times I have checked and have been over 96 - with over 93 being the target. I go down a little if I take off the oxygen and exert a little. But, it shows that I am doing very well at the 1.5 setting versus the previous 3 to 4. That should mean that I can reduce the setting a little more or even go without the oxygen occasionally.

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