Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Xrays, doc visit and 3rd chemo

Today was a medical day. First, I had a chest xray & blood tests. Then I saw Dr Einhorn. Finally, I had my 3rd Alimta infusion. All went well and actually stayed pretty much on time. My xray was good. Dr E says that there was some clearing in the upper lobe of my right lung. Since he sees progress, we will continue through the max infusions for this chemo - three more every three weeks for total of six. Dr E examined my eyes and doesn't know what it is. He hasn't seen it as a chemo side effect. I'm gonna make an appt tomorrow with my opthomalogist. Dr E isn't happy that I continue to lose weight - I'm down around 50 lbs since Feb. He said I am simply not eating enough and wants me to add 3 nutrition drinks per day. Luckily, I actually like them; so, that shouldn't be a problem. I drink that Kroger brand of Ensure - tastes the same and is much cheaper.

After all the doc stuff, I went into the office for a short while. Had an important memo/email that I had to get out. My VPs had drafted the memo.  But, I don't like to send out anything under my name without proofreading and editing.  Also, Melissa got me an omelet and it was waiting for me when I got to the office. Cindy and Melissa sure do take good care of me!!

Tonight, Dancing with the Stars results show!

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