Friday, September 25, 2009

pretty good day

Didn't really sleep well last night - 3rd day on steroids. But, after sleeping a little late, I had a pretty good day. Got to the office a little later than usual; but, nobody ever seems to care.  Did a little work "stuff" and read the news. Nice lunch with the VPs and hung around for a while longer dealing with the usual little things. Got home a little early so Jill and I could get out and get some groceries before I wore out. Turns out that I lasted OK. We've been eating at home quite a bit; so...we spent more than usual on food. Feel pretty good right now. Have been addiing a nutrition drink per Dr E to kick up the calories. I'm sure that chunky soups are probably not the best thing in the world; but, I have found a few that I like and we'll see how that works out. Certainly easy to make. They are way too much sodium for Jill - she's been having small sandwiches - which gives her her "6 bites" pretty well. And, she snacks once or twice as we watch TV. Looks like I will need to make an appt to see my opthomalogist about my eyes. I have been stalling and hoping they would clear up. They seem to not be getting lots better; so...I better get them examined.

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