Wednesday, August 19, 2009

lung surgery follow up

Today I met with Dr Birdas to get feedback on my pleurodesis (surgery on my right chest). Very happily, it seems that he feels that everything went very well and that I am healing as expected. The pain that I am having on the right side is what he would expect - and, it might last a little while longer. The two incisions are healing very well.

Good news - he says that there is no problem with me going back to getting massages. Obviously, need to tell them about the surgery and the usual precautions. So...probably tomorrow...I will call and make an appointment.

He said it would also be OK if I want to start cutting back on the oxygen. But, he wants me to have a portable oxygen saturation device. He had suggested a nurse come to the house every few days to measure. But, I suggested that it might make more sense for me to just buy a portable O2 saturation device since I can get one for around $70. Apparently, he thought they were two to three times that cost. was pretty much good news.

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