Friday, August 21, 2009


Today I made it back to massa-a-a-a-age. Great. I had planned on next week until they told me that Chelsea had a opening this afternoon. So, I grabbed it.

I had been a little apprehensive about right side (surgery side) even though Dr Birdas had said it would be OK. As it turns out, it really felt good. As she massaged the right side of my back, I could feel the muscles loosen up.

I had 3 massages accumulated since my annual membership adds one each month. It had been a while what with the trip and med problems. So, I booked another for next Thursday. I'll save the final one for later.

I hadn't slept well last night. When I got home a little early, I decided it would be a good time for a nap - about a 90 minute nap. I woke up to the fabulous aroma of her mom's pepper steak. It was delicious. So...Jill cooked two nights in a row - stuffed peppers and pepper steak.

Now, I have leftovers for work. I got going so late today and didn't have time to assemble a lunch. I don't like the Monday and Tuesday soups at the restaurant downstairs at the office; so, these leftovers should hit the spot.

Hopefully tonight we'll figure out some kind of anti-itch cream so I can sleep better.

Take care and be well. - JimA

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