Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Alimta

Saw Dr Einhorn today and he started me on a new chemo - Alimta. This one is supposed to have very minimal side effects - we'll see!! Based on my history with chemos and such meds, I pretty much get significant versions of just about any side effect that is possible.

Once we got home about 4:30-ish, I sat back in my LazyBoy to watch TV. I fell asleep - really sound sleep. Didn't wake up until just after 7pm. Imagine my surprise.

After dinner, Jill and I took a walk. Went about twice as far as my previous longest walk. Not quite sure about the actual distance. But, I know that it wore me out.

I haven't taken any pain meds (vicodin) yet today. I need to decide whether to take the vicodin or an ambien to help me sleep. In any case, I hope to get a good night sleep even though I took a pretty long nap. Plan to go into the office for a full day tomorrow.

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