Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well...today started seemingly normal. Another nice breakfast up at the rooftop cafe. Comfortable temp, light breeze, sunny but not blazing. We lingered a bit since our pick up was 9:30.

However, once we got back to our room, Jill started to feel sick. Don't know if it was something she ate - but it's not in her stomach any longer.

Obviously, Dee and I were not going out, leaving Jill in the hotel room alone. So, I met Luigi and apologized that we wouldn't be touring with him today.

Jill has spent most of the AM sleeping. I also slept quite a bit. We finally got up around 3 and walked to a bakery/deli/convenience store. We picked up just a few things.

I got a small loaf of sandwich bread - I'm not sure what they call it. But, the plain bread is something I can eat without being bothered. And, since I have no appetite right now, it is something I can make myself eat a small piece.

We came back to the hotel. The walk of just a few blocks really wore me out. Again, we all laid down - watched TV and slept.

Finally, about 7PM, Jill is feeling much better. I am also feeling OK - though I can never really tell unless I try to move around.

We're hoping to fall into a better routine once we board the ship tomorrow.

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