Saturday, July 11, 2009

Korfu, Greece

Today we docked in Korfu, Greece. Korfutown has a population of 25,000 and the island has a total population of around 100,000. The island is in the NW portion of Greece and is very close to Albania.

Korfu has been occupied by several countries/empires and, therefore, has monuments, ruins and foods from many cultures. The attached photo is the ruins of a church from the third century. Across the street, they are excavating Roman baths.

Industries are fishing, tourism, construction and olives. There are something like 4 million olive trees. Very close to where we docked is a fresh produce and fish market that opens every day. Our guide says that have very little crime on Korfu.

The island is very lush and green. December is their coldest month - perhaps down to 50 sometimes. In "winter" they often have 2 to 3 day long thunderstorms when it "rains like cats and dogs" - they get annual rainfall of 57 inches.

Summers can be very, very hot - as high as 104 or more. These temps would be during "heat waves". Otherwise, temps during most of the year would be in the 80s and 90s. It is supposed to be 88 today.

They appear to be religious people with 98% of the population being Orthodox Christian. They have "communities" of Catholics and Jews - which would obviously be small at less than 2% combined.

All in all, Korfu was an excellent port. Beautiful place. Very interesting old town area that looks like Venice. The palaces we visited were wonderful. I only wish Jill and I could have handled seeing more. For anyone interested in the Greek islands, this one is a must.

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